Erotic Spanking Story

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Adult Activities Party Cartoon

Between the shakiness and lack of clarity of the image, it was hard to see too much more through the binoculars than I had seen with my eyes, but it confirmed that my earlier observations were correct. There was no doubt this woman had a beautiful body and a pretty face.

I carefully climbed between her open legs and over her prone body.

"The back laces up. I did it myself but I needed the laces refastened in the Ladies because my boobs were in danger of popping out. Now I can't undo the lacing. Please?"

He reached out and took her hand again, telling her how glad he was that she'd come to meet him. He was stroking her hand the entire time, and the effect was quite erotic. "No use ruining things so soon by telling him I'm leaving," she thought.

"You know my sorority earned the reputation of being sweet and innocent before you came along. There is something about you that just seems to bring out the worst in us," she said.

"Oh mother," he asks downheartedly crawling up behind Rachel, "How could you do this again?"

I look down at Allen's face and whisper. "I know you're going to taste so hot and sweet once I get to take you my own special way Allen. And if you're lucky enough I just might let you live to remember.

“Yes Boss, No Boss, three f’ing bags full Boss!” They said in unison.

This is not a romantic story. It is a story that includes cheating with multiple partners and an introduction to a, 'swinging' life style. It also includes bondage and discipline. It contains accounts of hard, rough sex with little, if any, 'love' and tenderness.

We were at least 90 minutes into the flight when I slumped partially over the seat to my left, looking for a change in posture to ease the boredom and I noticed that the reclining lady had also shifted her position, snuggling down a little more into the seat so that her feet were now over the middle of the seat to my left. I stole a glance at her and realized that she couldn't see me ... she was facing the far wall and laying on her side.

1. I do hope that the proofing of this story is better than the last. I submitted it in a hurry, and I am truly at fault for the condition it is in. I will proof the story, and hopefully I will be able too resubmit it correctly.

"Ouch, that hurt Ness!"

"Come over here and help me cum now." She said with a firm voice.

The master of the house was a friendly giant of a man, who, besides the beautiful wife, had three lovely daughters. "We are just sitting down to dinner, won't you join us?" he asked.

I broke the kiss, and faced her, staring her in the eyes. Mary showed a scared look on her face. I put both my hands at the top of her blouse, and ripped the front open. Mary started squirming, and I was able to remove her blouse.

"Thanks. When Bob and I were together the first time he mentioned that he loved anal sex."